The Pentagon has ordered the military military in the United States to be put on alert because of the riots


The Pentagon

Amid unrest that has spread to dozens of U.S. cities since the assassination of George Floyd, the Pentagon has taken a rare step by ordering the military to bring several military police units ready for deployment in Minneapolis, the New York branch of NBC refers to media reports.

Soldiers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Drum in New York have been ordered to be ready for deployment in Minneapolis within four hours if called up for the task, say sources who requested anonymity but were directly aware of the order. It is also alleged that the military at the bases in Colorado and Kansas was given a period of 24 hours for the same task.

Readiness orders were given verbally on Friday (local time) after US President Donald Trump asked Secretary of Defense Mark Esper how the military could help quell riots in Minneapolis after protests escalated into looting and arson in some parts. of the city, adds Focus.

Trump made the request in a phone call from the Oval Office, which included, in addition to Esper, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and several other high-ranking officials.

The president has asked Esper for opportunities to deploy quickly if the protests in Minneapolis get out of hand, according to a senior Pentagon official, who requested anonymity.

“When the White House asks for options, someone opens the drawer and pulls them out, so to speak,” the official said.

The person claims that the military units will be deployed according to a law from 1807, last used in 1992 during the riots in Los Angeles because of the trial against Rodney King.

According to sources, two of whom are employees of the Ministry of Defense, the units in Fort Drum will be directed to Minneapolis. Approximately 800 US troops will be sent to the city if the situation calls for their intervention, the media explained.

Protests erupted in Minneapolis this week after a video surfaced showing a police officer harassing Floyd. He later died of his injuries, and the officer was arrested and charged with third-degree murder.

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