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The energy flow in @ Antarctica is proof of a parallel universe

LONDON: Is there another universe, a twin sister to this visible universe that includes the Earth, the Solar System, and countless galaxies?

A group of scientists claim that NASA’s Anita, a balloon antenna, has detected a super-strong current at the Earth’s South Pole that may be evidence of a parallel universe.

The report was published in the journal New Scientist in London. NASA has not confirmed this.

In Antarctica, billions of years of intense ice sheets flow from the ice sheets, like a fountain.

NASA’s Antarctic Exploration Antenna (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna – Anita) has been reported. It was discovered by radio antennas in the giant helium balloon, which flies 1.21 million feet above Antarctica in Earth’s atmosphere. The main task of the antenna is to detect the influx of cosmic rays in the atmosphere using radio waves. Peter Gorham, professor of physics at the University of Hawaii, who led the team, said the particles were known as the Tau Neutrino. They say that these particles are moving backwards in a ‘time chariot’ and that this is evidence of a parallel universe.

The parallel universe theory is not unanimously accepted by the scientific world. Yet no one dismisses the possibility of a new physics model.

Parallel universe theories

@The Genesis Big Bang

@ Like a reflection of our universe (Mirror image)

@ The positives in our universe are negative there

@ Left, Right, Back, and Back

@ Time travels backwards

@ Physical rules there in reverse mode

Tao neutrino

@ Strong energy particles coming from space

@ Earth’s atmosphere will decrease and penetrate the Earth

@ The particles that are getting stronger on the other side of the earth will go back to space

These are the particles found in Antarctica.

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