THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MEDAL: The crisis hit Lucy Ilarionov and Ani Hoang


The director is currently delivering pizzas

We are used to seeing them smiling, successful, rich and always in the spotlight. In “Nothing Personal”, however, Lucy Ilarionov will show the other side of the coin. The famous music video director and his wife, singer Annie Hoang, have been hit hard by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Lucy doesn’t bother to admit her problems, which force her to even take pizzas home. The musician is also seeking help and hopes the world will deal with the difficult situation faster. See his confession to Krasi Boev.

“The idea for opening the restaurant came from Ani and that’s why we did it in Elin Pelin, because this is her city. “We were so disgusted to open on March 12th and close on the 13th,” he said on Awake.

He said he was currently delivering pizzas. And half of the products they loaded for the restaurant, he distributed to acquaintances and employees of the restaurant. And later the cook suggested that pizzas be made and delivered to homes.

See what else Ilarionov shared with Krasi Boev in the video

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