The number of people infected with coronavirus in India has exceeded 131 thousand – News


Delhi, May 24 / BTA /
The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in India rose to a record 6767 in the last 24 hours and reached 131,868, the country’s health ministry said on its website. The death toll in the last day is 147 and the total number of victims of Kovid-19 reached 3,867.
For the third day in a row, India recorded a record increase in the number of infected: 6,454 new cases were registered in the previous 24 hours, and 6,088 a day earlier. Each time these were record figures for the country since the beginning of the epidemic, the agency notes.
According to the Ministry of Health, 73,560 people infected with coronavirus are currently being treated in hospitals in the country, and 54,441 people have recovered.

Source: Delhi

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