The number of deaths and infections with coronavirus in Yambol is growing


The increased number of positive samples of coronavirus in Yambol, in recent days, is due to neglect of anti-epidemic measures, say the doctors from the regional hospital. For the past 24 hours, another 11 infected people were reported and the number reached 125.

The quarantine of the Roma neighborhood in Yambol has reduced the vigilance of residents from other parts of the city and currently there is no area without infected, summed up the situation deputy. – The director of the regional hospital Dr. Valentin Valchev:

The city literally caught fire! Ie we don’t have a single localized outbreak, a neighborhood or a street, we have cases all over the city and they continue to grow every day.

The main reason is that in the last few days the center is flooded – cafes, benches, people do not observe any social distance.

Dr. Valchev warned:

It should not happen that we become the first in Bulgaria to be the first.

The number of deaths from coronavirus is also worrying. They are already 13, and the age of the youngest deceased patient is 31 years.

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