The nightmares of the American cops organized riots in the United States over the murder of a black man


Mass protests erupted in the United States with renewed vigor over the murder of African-American George Floyd by police. The policeman strangled him for the unfortunate $ 20 he was trying to pay in the store. The murder took place in front of a mob begging the police to release the black man. Later, the video of the suffocation hit the net and people literally broke the chain.

There is real police chaos in the country now.

The protests began in Minnesota and have now spread virtually across the country. According to the latest reports, about 1,400 protesters have been arrested in the United States, and curfews have been imposed in some states. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck, firing rubber bullets at scandals, activists and even journalists covering the events.

There is real violence against the press by the police.

Many videos have also appeared on the Internet in which police officers literally cause nightmares in Americans. For example, cops oppose a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn.

In other states, tear gas is used against people, people are shot with paintballs and beaten with batons.

All this could have been avoided, but, alas, the situation with the murder of a black man by the police is far from a rare case. An investigation is under way against the cops, but this man’s life cannot be restored. Americans are as negative as possible about policing.


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