‘The next role with Parasuram’s monkey’, Jacob Thomas



: Jacob Thomas’ IPS step up after a period of controversy ” An ax of Parasurama has been built. When Thomas Shornur retires as the head of Metal Industries, Jacob Thomas declares, He says that there is still hope for Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and does not rule out the possibility of political entry. The only answer is to make the right decisions at the right time.

He returns from the company showroom with a knife, a knife and a chiwa. Posting a picture of him lying in office on the last day, he ends his 35-year-old service without even attending a travel party. Jacob Thomas was absconding from the IPS Association’s expedition ceremony.

When Pinarayi came to power, he was promoted to the post of Vigilance Director of Police, Shornur Metal Industries. Occasionally forced leave and legal battle. During the last two governments, Jacob Thomas has been the headline in the news.

Jacob Thomas was one of the most powerful officials in the early part of this government. But as the vigilance tightened in several areas, including IAS officers, Jacob turned against Thomas. The charges were brought against Jacob Thomas, one after the other. But he was in favor of Chief Minister Jacob Thomas, both inside and outside the House.

Jacob Thomas introduced vigilante reforms in vigilance in case, arrest, and filing of chargesheets. The Vigil Kerala Project was launched with the participation of the people. News and controversy surrounded the officer, Thomas Thomas.

But the story changed when EP Jayarajan was lodged in a relative’s complaint. Jacob Thomas went to a confrontation with the government. With the collapse of top officials and colleagues, the chief minister abandoned Jacob Thomas. The government reversed all the reforms that Jacob Thomas brought. Jacob then instructed Thomas to go on compulsory leave. The Chief of Police, Loknath Behrak, was also appointed as the Vigilance Director.

Although he returned from vacation, he was given the relatively unimportant status of IMG Direct by Jacob Thomas. With this, Jacob Thomas, a close critic of the government, sharply criticized the government during Hurricane Okhi. Jacob Thomas, who was suspended, was subsequently disciplined for writing pseudonyms without permission. Jacob Thomas, who had been out of custody for two years, returned to the service. The government later handed over the chair to the most senior IPS officer in the state, Shornur Metal Industries.

Jacob Thomas replied at the same time in his usual criticism of the fact that even if you cut 101, you would make a knife that would not make the edge. Following the high court’s observation that the case of illegally acquiring property in Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu cannot be written off the day before he stepped down, Jacob Thomas is also in the process of filing a lawsuit against the government. It is interesting to note that the officer who declared the Crusade Against Corruption was a victim of two corruption cases during his retirement.

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