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NEW YORK: The United States has left its front page for those who have lost their lives in a decade. The New York Times has devoted the entire first page of Sunday to a long list of names of people who died of the virus.

A single column of 1,000 deaths was issued with the headline ‘Six US Deaths Near 100,000, Countless Loss’. The 1,000 names here represent just 1 percent of the odor, but not just numbers. – They did.

Tom Bodkin, chief creative officer, said: “In 40 years, there were no graphics-only pages in the newspaper.

Simon Landon, Assistant Editor of the Graphics Desk, said the list of casualties was only replaced by regular articles, photographs and graphics in an effort to inform the breadth and diversity of the lost species.

The United States is the worst affected country in terms of morbidity and mortality. As of Saturday evening, 97,048 deaths and 16 million cases of the virus were reported in the United States.

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New York Times devotes entire front page to Covid-19 People

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