The “New York Times” dedicates the entire front page to the names of Corona victims


The American newspaper “New York Times” has devoted its entire front page to the list of names of the victims of the Corona virus.

The newspaper said that all the usual articles, pictures and drawings have been replaced with a list of names and excerpts of those who mourned in remembrance of the deceased with the approaching America of recording 100,000 deaths from the Corona virus.

Simon Landon, assistant editor of the newspaper’s graphics division, pointed out that the front page is a way to memorialize a more distinctive horrific data.

The newspaper said in a statement yesterday, Saturday, that the page was organized by a researcher who combed obituaries and death announcements via the Internet and compiled a list of about a thousand names.

After that, a team of editors and three students of journalism graduates worked out the personal expressions of each victim.

Earlier, New York State Governor Andrew Como extended quarantine procedures in New York City until June 13, and the measures have been relaxed in five state areas since today.

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