The New Normal already a failure, 1.5 meters away one major fail


The Dutch population is less and less successful in keeping a meter and a half away. The number of people who say that “others rarely or never come within a radius of one and a half meters” has decreased considerably. RIVM, GGD GHOR Nederland and the regional GGDs conclude this on the basis of a second behavioral study.

Especially with family and friends it is less and less taken with the one and a half meter. 12 percent less than a month ago say they stick to the rules with the people they love.

When dealing with colleagues a decrease of 5 percent can be seen and when shopping with a decrease of 9 percent. There is also a 5 percent increase in the number of people who say keeping distance is difficult to find.

The support for the hygiene measures, staying at home with colds and keeping a distance, remains unchanged at 90 to 95 percent.

In total, 53,000 people were surveyed from 7 to 12 May. Those are the same people who took part in the survey last month.


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