The murder in “Sunny Beach”: They caught the criminal with ready luggage and money


A 63-year-old Bulgarian man who killed his wife, a Ukrainian citizen, with a knife was detained in a hotel in the Sunny Beach resort, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas announced.

The accused was detained several hours after the crime committed on May 21. The police caught him with prepared luggage, in which his and his wife’s documents and money were found.

Investigators have revealed that the murder took place in the corridor on the second floor of the hotel. The cause of death was multiple cuts and stab wounds inflicted with a knife in the neck of the victim. The weapon that caused the woman’s death was found.

The District Court in Burgas announced that the man was detained. The statutory sanction for murder is from 10 years to 20 years in prison.

Employees from the “Criminal Police” department at the OD of the Ministry of Interior – Burgas and the Regional Office – Nessebar worked on the discovery of the case.

Husband Pavel and Tatiana have lived together at the scene of the murder for the past five years. He is a former aeronautical engineer with American citizenship, she is Ukrainian, a famous fashion designer. The pandemic separated them for 4 months, a week after their meeting the woman was found murdered, bTV reported.

The couple got married last year and Tatiana left for Ukraine to renew her documents when the pandemic was declared. She managed to cross the closed borders by car and arrived a week ago.

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