The mood: The voter is increasingly exchanging the center for the extremes


N-VA burps 4.5 percentage points backwards and now stands at 20.3 percent. In other words, a new electoral surge, after the substantial loss last year.

After the nationalist leading group, a platoon of four classic parties follows, which are more or less evenly matched: CD&V by 11.9 percent (-3.6 percentage point), Open VLD by 11.6 percent (-1.5 percent), Green by 11.1 percent (+1 percentage point) and SPA by 11 percent (+0.6 percentage point). On the left books PVDA 2.9 percentage points gain. Peter Mertens and his colleagues are now at 8.2 percent.

The parties at the extremes of the political spectrum are winning, sitting in the political center in the corner where the blows fall. What is also clear is that the current Flemish majority of N-VA, Open VLD and CD&V no longer has a majority according to this study.

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