The moment is worth life … America’s delay in implementing the embargo has cost tens of thousands of lives


Columbia University researchers have revealed that tens of thousands of people infected with the new Coronavirus in the United States have died due to the country’s delay in imposing social separation measures.

According to the “New York Times”: “If the United States implemented these measures a week before the date they had already moved, the total number of deaths from the virus would be about 36,000 less as of May 3.”

                    REUTERS / NIAID-RML

A recent study concludes with corona virus development in Wuhan laboratory

The researchers who used the university’s disease modeling systems estimated that if the closures and social communication reduction procedures started on March 1, two weeks before the actual decision, it would be possible to avoid most deaths that have occurred so far (approximately 83% of them).

The researchers found that even small differences in timing would have prevented the worst death growth scenario, which by April had included New York City, New Orleans and other major cities.

“It’s a big difference,” said Jeffrey Shaman, an epidemiologist at Columbia University and leader of the research team. “That small moment in time is incredibly critical to reducing the number of deaths.”

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