The Modi government has made many achievements; Amit Shah also said that those who are perverted are unanswered


New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today said the second Modi government had achieved many successive achievements in one year. Muthalak ban and Kashmir reorganization are the major achievements. The government is doing everything it can to prevent Kovid. The government places great importance on the safety of migrant workers. He also said that people who are perverting things have no answer.

The country is united against Kovid. If unity is maintained, the war against Kovid can easily be won. Kovid mortality rates in India are much lower than in other countries. Lockdown has had great support. The country will be restored with lockdown concessions. The prime minister makes the decisions in consultation with the states.

Immigrant workers understand that there are many difficulties. Supply of food and drinking water for the workers. Travel facilities were also provided. Some people make slander about travel expenses. The Central and State Governments incur travel expenses. Their security is ensured, including in the Quarantine Centers in consultation with the States. One crore workers have been evacuated so far.

Violent politics continues in Kerala and West Bengal. It needs a change. That will be reflected in the upcoming elections. Shah said that even health professionals cannot predict the future of Kovidin.

Since 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the development of the country. The country will have a $ 5 trillion economy. Millions have become consumers of central government projects. Reforms including GST have been beneficial. No need for Trump’s mediation on India-China issue. Shah said India had never come forward with such a policy.

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