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Hristo Yavashev, known as Christo, died of natural causes today, May 31, at his home in New York. He was 84 years old.
The news was spread by his associates on Facebook and Instagram, and the message added: “Christo is living a full life, not only dreaming of things that were considered impossible, but also realizing them.”

Here is what they also write:”The works of Christo and Jean-Claude brought people together in shared experiences around the world, and their work lives in our hearts and memories.

Christo and Jean-Claude have always made it clear that their works of art will continue after their deaths. At Christo’s request, the project for the packaging of the Arc de Triomphe, Wraped in Paris, France, will be made on September 18-October 3, 2021. ”

Christo was born on June 13, 1935 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. He left Bulgaria in 1957, first in Prague, Czechoslovakia, then fled to Vienna, Austria, then moved to Geneva, Switzerland. In 1958, Christo left for Paris, where he met Jean-Claude Denat de Gilebon, who became not only his wife but also a partner in his life and in the creation of monumental ecological works of art. Jean-Claude died on November 18, 2009. Christo has lived in New York for 56 years.

With their projects, Christo and Jean-Claude transcended the traditional boundaries of painting, sculpture and architecture. Some of their work includes Wraped Coast, Little Bay in Sydney, Australia (1968-69), Valley Curtae in Colorado (1970-72), Running Fence in California (1972-76),

Surrounded Islands in Miami (1980-83), The in Paris (1975-85), The Umbrellas in Japan and California (1984-91), The Reichstag Packaging in Berlin (1972-95) or The Gates in New York’s Central Park (1979-2005), the Floating Quays of Italian Lake Iseo (2014-16), and the London Mastaba of London’s Serpentine (2016-18).

Christo’s temporary work of art in Paris, France, entitled L ‘Arc de Triomphe, Wraped (Project for Paris, Place de l’ √Čtoile), is scheduled for September 18-October 3, 2021. In addition, there will be a large exhibition in The Georges Pompidou Center for the Work and Time of Christo and Jean-Claude in Paris, to be held from 1 July to 19 October 2020.

In his 1958 letter, Christo wrote, “Beauty, science, and art will always triumph.” These words are especially close to us today. ”

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