The last patient with coronavirus was discharged from the Silistra hospital


PHOTO: Pixabay

The last patient with COVID-19 hospitalized in MHAT-Silistra was also discharged. By prescription of the director of RHI Silistra, the patient was placed in 28-day home isolation. A prescription was also handed to the personal physician to monitor the person’s health status during the isolation.

To date, there are 813 people in 14-day home quarantine in Silistra district. The quarantined persons are monitored without a personal doctor.

On 20.05.2020 inspections were carried out at 5 public sites for compliance with anti-epidemic measures and orders of the Minister of Health (restaurant, grocery store, supermarket, 2 beauty salons). No gaps were found, distance requirements were met, disinfectants were provided, personal protective equipment was used by the staff.

2 outpatient clinics of general practitioners were inspected in connection with the organization and compliance with anti-epidemic measures in carrying out preventive activities. Inspections were carried out on open areas – a city market and an open sports ground – without any violations.

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