The “last dance” of this bad, bad Michael Jordan


Rest assured – “The Last Dance” will be the main topic of discussion for a long time. And I will confront opinions as he has done since the first reactions after his appearance.

The ten episodes of the ESPN documentary series, dedicated to the last chapter of the Chicago Bulls basketball championship dynasty, namely the 1997/1998 season, broke many records.

The documentary has been watched by almost 25 million people outside the United States alone, which is an absolute precedent for the history of the creators of ESPN. In the five consecutive weeks in which the episodes were released, “The Last Dance” was also a №1 topic on Twitter. In short – everyone is talking about the film.

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Many believe that there is no greater basketball player than Michael Jordan, and this production gave them more motivation to maintain their thesis. I also got enough reasons from the opposing camp to say the exact opposite and disagree with the conclusion that MJ is above everyone else.

Michael’s dedication to the game and mania to win at all costs are not alien to anyone, and after these ten episodes, people who are already more distant from basketball have understood why his career is so impressive.

Jordan is a maniac obsessed with the fixed idea of ​​winning. On the field, he is a real phenomenon and the first global superstar of world sports in its modern history, but “The Last Dance” provokes a lot of questions …

Including people who were part of the bulls’ great journey in the 1990s, making them one of the most successful teams in history with six NBA titles – twice three in a row.

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The first criticism of the creators of the series was related to Jerry Krause. The general manager of Chicago was among the main architects of the team’s triumphs.

He passed away in 2017, and three years after his death, not one or two people allowed themselves to attack him in a film broadcast around the world … Whatever Krause was outside of his purely professional duties, he deserves respect. At least because he can’t defend himself.

The quality of the production is deadly from every point of view, but this should not be a surprise. However, the film crew spent more time with Jordan and his teammates that season than the basketball stars probably spent with their families then.

Horace Grant was the first of Michael’s teammates to allow himself to look up and say that much of what was written in the film was not true. But what else can he say after it became clear that Jordan forbade the flight attendants to give him food after a weak match.

For these ten episodes, you can be sure that this was probably true. Because no matter how good an athlete Jordan is, at the same time he had an extremely heavy, even naughty character. He often crossed the line in his relations with teammates and rivals, including insults and total disrespect.

Thanks to which, too, naturally, he manages to become what he is – a megastar and a leader of another class. But far from the image of a “cool” and entirely positive character. One shocking example is the hatred he has for years of one of the league’s strongest players, Isaiah Thomas, and his Detroit team. In the series, she is emphasized again and is completely undisguised.

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The film opened many doors, but also raised a bunch of new questions.

Everyone knew about Dennis Rodman’s madness, but the details in “The Last Dance” raise the cult of this sympathetic strange guy to a whole other level. Flights to Las Vegas for a vacation during the season, participation in wrestling instead of training, spicy details of the relationship with Madonna and Carmen Electra …

Jordan’s right hand man on the field – Scotty Pippin – also falls into the camp of the offended. The legendary wing is not at all happy with the image he is portrayed in the film, and according to an ESPN journalist, Scotty is “extremely angry” with Michael, who has repeatedly described him as selfish.

One of the positive reviews is the story of Steve Kerr, who lost his father at an early age and finds salvation in his favorite game. Today, he is a successful coach in the NBA, leading the Golden State, and as a player he can boast four consecutive titles in the late 90’s – three with Chicago and one with San Antonio. However, his championship rings as a basketball player remain one less than those of Michael – 5 against 6.

Contradictory, loved by many and hated by even more. This continues to be the basketball giant Michael Jordan after “The Last Dance”.

And no one can dispute his greatness. And the ten episodes just added fuel to the fire, whether for supporters or those who don’t like it.

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