The largest trade union in Germany jumped against the boss of VW


On Thursday, Germany’s largest union criticized Volkswagen CEO Herbert Dees for the automaker’s latest mistakes and “failures.” This was reported by Reuters.

In an open letter to VW’s supervisory and executive board, Germany’s largest union, IG Metall, representing workers in Germany’s automaker factories, blamed the company’s management for technical problems with the new Golf 8 and the ID.3 electric car, mistakes in other areas such as handling with the crisis and the damage to the public image of the Wolfsburg automaker. “This bad image in society is destroying decades of customer trust and thus threatening jobs,” the letter, posted on the union’s website on Thursday, said. In it, the union approached CEO Herbert Dees directly, asking him who was responsible for technical and marketing issues. Volkswagen declined to comment.

“Who is responsible for the product crash of the current model range. And how do you want to avoid the unnecessary “burning” of money, since VW does not recognize clear strategies, “the letter reads. IG Metall cites a whole range of criticism, including the advertisement of the new Golf on Instagram, which was downloaded from social networks The union says this is just one example of the whole chain of management mistakes that cost the company a lot of money.

The main criticism from the unions is the failure to launch the new Golf, which in good times generated much of the profits and thus provided jobs in Wolfsburg. Recently, VW had to suspend deliveries of the eighth generation of the bestseller due to software problems. The case with ID.3 is similar. The innovative model should turn the automaker into a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, but will now be released in the summer in an abbreviated base version, again due to software problems.

The unions have called on Volkswagen’s management to rebuild a bridge to the workforce. According to IG Metall, this is extremely important in times of coronavirus crisis, as employees cannot receive information from company meetings as usual. Also, the strongly represented union in VW made it clear that they will reject additional programs to reduce costs at the expense of workers.


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