The immune system weakens … 7 foods to avoid eating when you are sick


The immune system is the largest ally of the human body when it is sick, as it helps overcome colds and flu without medical help.

The only thing you should do to help your body fight disease is to boost your immune system and give it the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs.

This includes maintaining optimum nutrition during illness, and avoiding foods that can aggravate symptoms and make them worse, including foods that contain a high level of histamine, which causes additional inflammation and congestion in the body; As well as foods that lead to dryness of the body, because it contains a high percentage of sodium.

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Here is a list of foods that should be avoided to recover from the disease faster, according to a report by Eat This, Not That, an American.

1- Avocado

Avoid eating avocado, as it may be difficult to digest high-fat content if your stomach is unstable. Not to mention that this fatty fruit is rich in histamine, which means that consuming it in large quantities can make congestion worse.

2- Bread

You may feel relief after eating bread normally, but even those with slight gluten sensitivity may develop inflammation after eating wheat.

It is best to avoid gluten until it recovers faster because inflammation can lead to an increase in mucus production.

3- Dessert

Possibly intuitive, get rid of highly processed sugary foods when you are sick or it will take longer to recover.

Sugar consumption causes inflammation that can impair the production of white blood cells that fight infection.

4. French fries

Fried foods like French fries cause inflammation in the body every time you consume it, which is especially harmful when you are sick.

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Also, if you feel unwell on your stomach, it is not recommended to eat fatty fried foods, as high-fat foods take longer to digest.

5- Milk

Whole milk has been shown to stimulate mucus production, which is the opposite of what you want when you are sick.

Dairy products can condense mucus temporarily, causing allergens to remain in your body for a longer period.

6- Coffee

You may feel you need to boost extra caffeine more than ever when you’re sick, but drinking coffee is a very bad idea.

Because caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it makes your body drier faster, and that increases whether you have other symptoms such as fever or uneasy digestion.

7- Pizza

The pizza consists of three things that can make cold symptoms worse, so it is a triple threat to recovery efforts.

The gluten and carbohydrates in dough, fat, dairy products, cheese and histamine in tomato sauce will make you feel more sluggish.

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