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Anchal (Kollam): Parents have lodged a complaint with the Anchal CI and Rural SP seeking an investigation into the death of a woman. Uthra, 25, of Eram Vellisseril Veerithala, had complained to the police that her father was a mystery in the death of a snake.

Uthra was found dead in her bedroom at a family home on May 7. He was taken to Anchal’s private hospital and checked. Uthra was bitten by a second snake at her husband’s house in Adoor after receiving treatment for her injuries.

She had also been bitten by a snake at her husband’s house. According to the complaint, the snake bite was not immediately brought to the hospital. The opening of the windows of Utra’s bedroom on the day of the second snake bite has raised suspicion. Tile fitted and AC. The windows of the bedroom were closed by Utrea’s mother at night. Her husband opened the windows.

It was her husband who first saw the snake. His father Vishwanu and his brother Vishnuvam said that the gold ornaments given to her daughter were missing and the cause of death should be brought out through a detailed investigation.

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