The hosts warn of the reasons why passengers are not able to take off their shoes while flying


Hosts and pilots advised travelers not to take off their shoes during flights and revealed some of the reasons for this recommendation.

                    AP Photo / Lee Jin-man

A flight attendant reveals the most dirty places on the plane

The author of a book on flight safety, Ben Sherwood, noted that 80 percent of all accidents happen during the first three minutes of a flight or in the last eight minutes before landing. In this regard, it is imperative that the passenger is ready for rapid evacuation, which would be inconvenient for those who took off their shoes.

Qatar Airways’ stewardess also said that the shoes piled up in the corridor of the plane’s salon could slow the evacuation, according to what was reported by “Express”.

An unidentified pilot working for a large airline recommended choosing comfortable shoes for the trip, and he said: “God forbid that an emergency should occur, and you must leave a burning plane or landed in a muddy area …”.

The airline staff named another reason why travelers should not take off their shoes during the flight, noting, adding, “Please never go barefoot to the bathroom, and I assure you, the liquid on the floor is not water in most cases.”

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