The hidden messages in Angelina Jolie’s tattoos


Actress Angelina Jolie adores tattoos and demonstrates this passion without restraint. Over the years, the actress has acquired many drawings on the skin, some removed, others changed. The drawings on Angelina’s seductive body are now perhaps around 20. Mystical symbols, esoteric motifs, and plots from Buddhism are intertwined in them.

The last tattoo the star adorned was a mystical letter on her back, combining letters, symbols, geometric and animal shapes. The message includes all four elements – water, air, earth and fire. Jolie’s latest drawing was made by a tattoo artist in Cambodia shortly before the announcement of her divorce from Brad Pitt in 2017. Thus, it was combined with the inscription “Know your rights”, which is written in Gothic font and is one of her first tattoos, made in 2004.

Next to the letter is a Buddhist spell painted in 2003 in honor of her adopted son Maddox. Next to these tattoos is the Bengal tiger, which was made in a hotel in Bangkok. Most of these drawings used the more painful technology with a metal stake, rather than a tattoo gun.

In 2016, more mystical tattoos appeared on the back of the star – a design of a Buddhist temple and ancient Buddhist mantras for happiness and wealth.

The geographical coordinates of her left arm appeared after the star removed a dragon tattoo and the name of her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. These are the coordinates of the birthplace of her children, and in 2016 the coordinates of Brad Pitt’s birthplace near Oklahoma appeared. There is a rune painted on her left wrist. Slightly above the same hand can be seen the tattooed Roman number 13, to which he later added V MCMXL – the date of May 13, 1940 is in history with the famous speech of Winston Churchill, in which he said: “I will not offer nothing but blood, hard work, tears and sweat. ‘

Two lines of Arabic text, written shortly after her double mastectomy, are in Angelina’s right hand. The tattoo was made in 2013.

The black cross on her belly covers one of the old tattoos of a little dragon she makes in Amsterdam. Next to the symbol is the Latin phrase “Quod me nutrit me destruit” or “What feeds me destroys me”.

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