The hail is a coronavirus-shaped hail; Rare phenomenon, concern!


In the wake of the spread of coronavirus around the world, hailstorms have taken the form of the same virus in Mexico. The phenomenon occurred in the city of Montemorelos. The coronavirus particles are also found in spherical shape with spines. Falling hailstones in Mexico are almost the same shape.

Some have watched with horror the phenomenon as it spreads. People have given various interpretations of this phenomenon to the effect that God has warned them all to proceed with caution, or that He is sending some unknown message.

But meteorologists have confirmed that the hail is as normal as at any other time. The ice sheets are shaped like spheres in strong winds. Later, more ice is added to it. Jos മി Miguel Vinas, a consultant with the World Meteorological Organization, said the hailstones were so large that they collided with each other in strong winds and lost their outer ice.

He added that concerns about the hail are all baseless. It was the people of Montemorelos who shared the pictures on social media. Many people have shared the pictures.

English Summary: Mexico City Presidents Hailstones Shaped Like Coronavirus

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