The hail has fallen into the shape of a corona virus; What happened in the city


Mexico City: The world is in awe of Kovid. Many countries are on lockdown to fight Kovid.

The phenomenon occurred in the city of Montemorelos. The corona virus is spherical in shape and has spines. The pictures show that the hailstones in Mexico City are almost the same shape. This is now more frightening to people. According to agency reports, some city dwellers believe this is an unknown message from God.

But weather forecasters say the hail is as common as at any other time. The ice sheets are shaped like spheres in strong winds. Later, more ice is added to it. Jos ആല Miguel Vinas, a consultant with the World Meteorological Organization, said the hailstones were so large that they collided with each other in strong winds and lost their outer ice.

Experts say that coronavirus images are widespread in the media and that people are rapidly connecting them to coronavirus. Municipal officials say there is no need to worry.

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