The great coach Gigi Simoni, who also led CSKA, died


Luigi Simoni, one of the big names in the Italian coaching profession, has died at the age of 81. In Bulgaria, he led CSKA in the 2001-2002 season, when his arrival was a real sensation for the media.

Simoni has led 17 teams in his coaching career, which lasted over 30 years. He first appeared on the bench as a coach in 1974, when he took over Genoa.

He led Brescia, Pisa, Lazio, Empoli, Cosenza, Napoli, Torio, Siena, Cremonese, who in two periods – Inter. It is with this club that his great successes are connected – he became second in the championship in a dramatic battle with Juve and won the UEFA Cup with the team led by the genius Brazilian Ronaldo.

Simoni suffered a severe stroke almost a year ago – on June 22, 2019, and since then has recovered far from public attention in the town of San Piero Grado near Pisa.

He was rushed to hospital this morning, but there was no hope of rescuing him after his condition deteriorated sharply. And the latest news around him was that there was a serious improvement.

His wife Monica asked the family to be left alone after the news.

And it is on the front page of most Italian newspapers.

Gigi Simoni was extremely respected not only as a specialist, but also as an honest and good man, as are the impressions from his stay in Bulgaria.

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