The first tanker of a fleet of five Iranian fuel shipments arrives in Venezuela


The Iranian embassy in Caracas announced today, Sunday, that the first tanker of a fleet of five Iranian fuel shipments arrived in Venezuela.

Karaks – Sputnik. “Today, more than ever, the ties of friendship and brotherhood between Iran and Venezuela are strong and deep,” the embassy said on his Twitter account.

“The first fuel tanker arrived. Thank you to the armed forces for escorting them. Long live the friendship between Iran and Venezuela,” she added.

                    REUTERS / WANA NEWS AGENCY

The first move from Iran after the American threat over oil tankers

These shipments are aimed at alleviating the severe gasoline shortage in Venezuela and have sparked a diplomatic confrontation with the US government because both Venezuela and Iran are subject to sanctions.

The US administration threatened to harass Iranian fuel tankers heading to Venezuela, while Iran decided to call the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, and sent a warning message to American officials that any threat to Iranian oil tankers would be met with an immediate and decisive response from Iran, and that the US government would bear responsibility for the consequences of that.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, considered that the American threats to the Iranian oil tankers heading to Venezuela are illegal and dangerous and a form of piracy, sending a warning message to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guetrich in response to America’s threats to the Iranian oil tankers heading to Venezuela: America’s threats are illegal and dangerous. A form of piracy and a great threat to international peace and security. “

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