The first execution in Missouri took place on May 19


The death sentence of Walter Barton, 64, who was held in prison for more than three decades, was executed on Tuesday evening, May 19, at the Missouri State Prison in Bonnie Terrell. Executed in Missouri for the first time since the coronavirus spread, the death penalty was suspended in several states. Barton was sentenced to death in connection with the murder of 52-year-old Gladie Kuchler from Ozarka. The incident occurred on October 9, 1991. Barton’s clothing was found in the blood-stained DNA, though several appeals were filed indicating that he was innocent. It was clear that Gladys was killed in the test.

The death penalty was executed after a last-minute appeal was rejected. A powerful toxic mixture was injected into the veins and confirmed death within a few seconds. The last execution in the United States on March 5 was postponed to June 19 in Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. In the United States, Texas has six death sentences.

English summary; The first execution took place in Missouri on May 19

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