The “father” model is not the only way to finance, says economist – BG Football – efbet League


Recently, the striker Martin Kamburov said that without the “father” model, the native football will perish. However, the economist and sports manager Viktor Kirkov does not share this opinion.

“It will not perish, there are other models for financing, and the sole management of the owner and sponsor in one is not the only possible option,” he told BNR. These models are currently unused by the clubs and have a kind of hidden potential, according to him.

The future of the “fathers” in Bulgaria continues to be a topical issue given the long-awaited entry into majority ownership in Levski by Nasko Sirakov. If his ideas for the shares to remain in the club and for him to be financed externally by sponsors come true, this will be a new page in the new history.

“A scenario has probably been prepared for Levski with the sponsorship of a large international company,” Kirkov predicted.

According to him, there are 2 models of development – one is for teams with large audiences, which can count on solid funding from fans. For other teams, the future is only in building and selling players.

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