The famous Undertaker gladiator: I am not afraid of the choice but I do not like it


The scary legend of free wrestling Undertaker resolved a controversy that has been haunted for years, related to his fear of choice.

Mark Callaway, famously known as “Undertaker” or “The Undertaker” for the Internet radio program “Pardon my Take”, said he was not afraid of the option, but rather did not like him, according to the “Resling Inc.” website.

                    AFP 2020 / AMER HILABI

Undertaker’s wife reveals the secret of her fears during the “Saudi match”

Here the presenter “Big Cat” mocked Undertaker, saying it is funny that one of the biggest stars of free wrestling of all time will cry like a little boy if he finds an option in the place where he is.

Undertaker responded to the anchor’s irony similarly, saying: “I will most likely leave the room but I will not run away, but if the option is cut, my reaction will be different. If my neck feels standing now from fear, change the question.”

It is noteworthy that the company “WWE” offered a documentary program on Undertaker in the past few days, revealing for the first time aspects of the life of the famous wrestler “Dead Man”.

The documentary, “Undertaker: The Last Ride”, in 5 parts, shows exclusive clips of Undertaker at its weakest, almost collapsing with tears at times, as he struggles to preserve his body and mind after over 50 years.

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