The famous mayoral candidate of Momin Prohod


“Playboy” Bulgaria celebrates its 18th year with a lavish issue, on the cover of which shines the famous candidate for mayor of Momin Prohod Diana Gabrovska. Diana takes off her clothes and soul for the readers – but this time not before the election, but to tell about the difficult choices in her life. reminds who Diana Gabrovska is: on the eve of the local elections last autumn, a scandal broke out because of the erotic photos of the candidate for mayor of Momin Prohod, which overwhelmed social networks and shocked the public. The new issue of the magazine makes it clear who took the photos in question and how they appeared in public, what the whole story of her and her family brought…

Her new session was performed by the holy trinity of Bulgarian fashion photography – Slav, Huben and Dilyana Florentin, to prove to Momin Prohod and to all Bulgarian humanity that eroticism is not a crime but an art.

In the new issue of the cult magazine you will also find out why Playboy bunnies are in the risk group of COVID-19.

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