The famous Levski is 106 years old!


Today one of the biggest clubs in our country – Levski, celebrates its 106th birthday. The favorite team of millions of fans in our country celebrates the holiday in one of the most difficult periods in its history. The Blues have serious financial problems. On the eve of the club’s birthday, the fans received good news – the club’s shares will be endorsed by one of their biggest favorites Nasko Sirakov. It is with the legendary goal scorer that their hopes for a better future for the 26-time champions are connected.

Here is what the club wrote:

“Levski, today we are celebrating 106 years since the spring of 1914. Since that warm May day, when a group of boys from the II Men’s High School held a constituent assembly to form an official sports club. The club in our hearts. The club accepted at the suggestion of Boris Vassilev- Borkisha is the name of the Apostle of Bulgarian Freedom, a club full of greatness and hard battles.

Today, the most beloved club in Bulgaria is already 106 years old, and its symbolism and significance not only on the sports field, but also outside it continue to attract thousands to fall in love with the “blue” idea. But “Levski” would not be what it is without the rich history and glorious victories. “Levski” would not be what it is without the love of the fans. Those for which we rediscovered for another year the meaning of the symbols and the legacy of the founders of the club.

Today “Levski” continues its battle. And this battle is both difficult because of the current situation and inspiring because of the incredible support of the biggest capital in the club – its great audience.

Festive fireworks of “Gerena” for 106 years Levski (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

The Blues are celebrating a birthday

Levski fans proved once again their historical significance, extended a hand to their club in one of the most difficult moments in its history and once again demonstrated to the whole of Bulgaria what devotion and devotion to the last breath means. The numbers are eloquent, we share them every day, and they are visible to everyone! The whole world learned about the power of the Levski spirit!

For all of us in the club, this energy is an impulse to move forward! Let’s go all the way! Let’s make all the difficult decisions! To bear all the severe consequences of them! Let’s swallow the bitterness …

In the name of “Levski” and all of you!

Because the time to help is now! We must do our best!

Because of everyone before us and everyone after us! Together to infinity of time!

Happy birthday, Levski! ”

Antonio Aniete with an appeal to the fans of Levski

Antonio Aniete with an appeal to the fans of Levski

“In this difficult time, our strength will be if we remain united.”

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