The fact that the hero of the series “Choice” is infected with Corona virus


Today, Sunday, Egyptian media revealed rumors circulating that the Egyptian artist Amir Karara was infected with the new corona virus.

Social media pioneers shared photos alleging that Prince Karara was infected with Covid-19 disease, caused by the emergence of the emerging coronavirus.

Today, Egypt recorded 1536 new infections and 46 deaths, which raised the total to 24985 and 959 deaths.

The picture shows the hero of the series “Choice” lying in a hospital. However, the website of the Egyptian newspaper “Akhbar Al-Youm” confirmed that these news are unfounded.
The Egyptian newspaper confirmed that everything that was published about this matter is not true and is just false rumors.

Amir Karara fought the Ramadan drama race 2020 through the series “The Choice”, and through him he achieved great success.

The series “The Choice” dealt with the sacrifices and heroics of the Egyptian army, through the story of Ahmed Mansi, commander of the 103th Saada Brigade, who died in 2017, after a terrorist attack on the “Al-Burth” square in Sinai.

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