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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged the government to take more caution in the event of a concession on lockdown. Modi said the country’s financial sector is slowly recovering from the crisis of Kovid. The Prime Minister was addressing the nation on the monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat.

The challenge India faces is different from other countries. India was able to resist Covid despite its large population. The people are leading this struggle. All the people participated in the Kovid fight. The common people have made many sacrifices during this time. The prime minister pointed out that people have come forward to help each other.

It was the poor that made Covid’s miserable. Modi said the Center and the state government were trying to reduce it.

India has not had a global outbreak. Our battle against the virus will last. This battle can be won only if you seek new technologies. Modi said the world has taken up yoga and Ayurveda for the health of the people.

  • The world is looking forward to vaccine testing in Indian labs
  • Ayushman Bharat revolutionary project
  • The country is becoming self-sufficient
  • Indigenous global brands will be developed
  • The country needs to empower workers
  • Along with the country’s migrant workers, there are many projects under consideration
  • Migration Commission and Skill Mapping are some of them
  • There needs to be a collective effort to protect agriculture
  • Every effort is made to prevent the spread of grasshoppers
  • One billion people were given free treatment
  • The country is looking for ways to include online studies
  • The country is in crisis with Bengal and Odisha
  • At various levels, efforts are being made to energize the workforce
  • Water conservation should be of great importance

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