The economic luminary Alberto Alesina, the theorist of austerity, has died


Italy today paid tribute to one of its most prestigious economists, Alberto Alessina, who died yesterday at the age of 63 in the United States, AFP reported.

He spent his entire career as a professor at Harvard, where he received his doctorate and headed the economics department for three years. Author of numerous works, member of prestigious economic organizations, editor of the Italian dailies “Corriere della Sera” and “Sole 24 ore”, Alessina was nominated for the Nobel Prize.

The economist, who began his studies at Bocconi University in Milan, was a theorist of “expansive austerity”, supporting a policy of austerity to revive growth and consumption.

“To recover, Europe needs fewer taxes, less useless spending, as well as structural reforms that liberalize markets. That was the view of Alberto Alessina,” the Italian deputy economy minister said today. finance Laura Castelli.

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