The Dutch are welcome in Greece, but have to be quarantined


Greece will allow Dutch tourists from 15 June. However, they are tested for coronavirus after landing in Greece and then have to be quarantined. This follows from a new announcement by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Greece announced on Friday that it will open its borders from 15 June for visitors with nationalities from 29 ‘safe’ countries. The Netherlands was not on that list, as were the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, for example. People from those ‘unsafe’ countries should not be allowed to enter Greece, even if they board a plane in a ‘safe’ country like Germany.

The measure led to criticism. Selecting by nationality is not allowed, said the European Commission.

Dutch airports

The policy has been adjusted and, according to the Greek government, is now about the airport where a traveler comes from, no longer about nationality. The Greek authorities base this on a list of the European aviation organization EASA with airports in ‘risk areas’. Schiphol and the airports in Maastricht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam are also on that list.

Travelers who have departed from an airport on the list are admitted, but checked for corona upon arrival. Even those who test negative must be quarantined for a week, although this is not checked. Those who test positive will go into guided quarantine for two weeks.

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