The distributors said the film would not be opened even if theaters were opened unless the arrears of Rs 27.5 crore were paid


The theaters were among the first locked-out establishments to prevent corona spread in the country. It’s been almost two months since theaters closed in Kerala. It is uncertain whether to open it now. Concerns are mounting as to whether movie releases will bring online streaming services in the event of theaters being shut down. With the online release of ‘Sufiyum Sujathayam’, there is tension in the Malayalam film industry.

It is when such a situation prevails that the theater is hit again. The distributors say the movie has to pay a total of Rs 27.5 crore in arrears in relation to the films released. It is said that distributors are still getting the amount of films that came into the theater a year ago. The soundtrack of Liberty Basheer confirms this.

According to the distributor, if the arrears are reopened, the films will not be released for release. Producer Anto Joseph has written to the Film Chamber saying the film is facing huge financial difficulties for not releasing it. He also complained that the theaters did not give a share of the released films. The letter is expected to be considered by the Film Chamber on Wednesday. Kilometers and Kilometers and Malik are all set to release Anto Joseph.

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