The development of an electronic eye is better than the human eye


Scientists have announced the development of an electronic eye whose sensitivity is superior to the human eye, and project leader Chen Chen said it can be used to improve prosthetics and human robots.

The electronic eye consists of a three-dimensional artificial retina with a high-density matrix of light-sensitive nanowires, and a flare covered by a curved shell of aluminum oxide with small perovskite sensors (a rare mineral made of calcium titanate).

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The wires, which mimic the visual cortex of the brain, transmit the visual information that sensors collect to the computer for processing, which is so sensitive that it can exceed the optical wavelength range of the human eye, allowing it to respond to 800 nm wavelengths, meaning that a person who has such This eye will be able to see things in the dark clearly.

The researchers also emphasized that the eye can respond to light changes faster than the human eye, allowing it to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Each square centimeter of the artificial retina contains about 460 million nanoscale sensors, which is more than ten million cells in the human retina, where this superiority can significantly increase vision accuracy, according to the scientific journal “Nature”.

Scientists still have a lot of work to do in order to eventually get a chance to connect the artificial eye to the human visual system.

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