“The designers of the new Manchester City team must be sent to Wuhan”


Musician Liam Gallagher, a devoted Manchester City fan, caused a scandal after joking on social media that the designers of the new team of his favorite team should be sent to Wuhan – the Chinese city from which the coronavirus pandemic started.

“Whoever is responsible for the new Manchester City shirt must be taken on the next flight to Wuhan,” the former Oysis member wrote, after deleting his tweet.

Gallagher himself is known for his extravagant style of dress, but he clearly does not like the creation of Puma, which the stars of the City will wear next season.

Fans of the champions are also not fascinated by the teams.

Earlier this month, Puma posted photos on its website, and were downloaded a few hours later.

The design of the T-shirt looks like broken glass, leaving the traditional blue color, white “cracks” are added, and the inscriptions remain in black. The back of the team is clean.

“Looks like a shit swimming pool”; “It’s just awful. They won’t see any money from me for one of these”; “It’s awful, I hate this design, and the way the black letters stand on this blue”; “Who would approve of this nonsense”; “They’d better cancel next season if we’re going to play with these shirts,” were some of the comments.

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