The decision to quarantine and control currency notes and coins for 20 days in Saudi


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has quarantined currency notes and coins to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

Decision to control. The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority said it had decided to quarantine notes and coins received from local and foreign sources within 14 to 20 days as a precautionary measure.

The decision is to isolate and sterilize paper and metal currencies from within or outside the country. Depending on which country the currencies came from, how many days to keep in the quarantine

Determined by.

SAMA said it will undergo a special inspection to ensure that the notes and coins are safe to use.

Currencies will be issued with machine aided in accordance with the Authority’s stringent quality standards. Dirty currencies are immediately destroyed.

All notes are sorted in sterilized packets to ensure their quality and cleanliness

Currencies will be kept.

SAMA said it has advised financial institutions to take the necessary precautions to ensure that currencies are safe.

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