The death of the Egyptian actress Afaf Shaker, the late sister of Shadia


The late actress Afaf Shaker, sister of the late artist Shadia from her mother, died in America yesterday.

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“The late artist is due to be buried in the graves of the Islamic Center in California, USA,” said Yasmine Shaker, daughter of sister Afaf Shaker, via Facebook.

Afaf Shaker is the older sister of Shadia and her real name is Nour Al Hayat. She was born in Turkey to her mother, Khadija and her father, Ali Aga, who is from a wealthy Turkish family and was “Admiral” in the Turkish navy.

Afaf Shaker started work in art before Shadia, and her first appearance was in 1946 in the movie “Angel of Mercy”, starring Youssef Wehbe and Faten Hamama, then she appeared in the film Red Lips with Naguib Al-Rihani, which is considered one of her most famous roles in the cinema, and worked with the theater lights band In the sixties and the last of her works was the play “All the Men Like This” in 1964 with Ismail Yassin.

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