The dam opened at midnight without warning; The district administration that put people in the water


Protests are mounting against the actions of the Thiruvananthapuram district administration, which opened the Aruvikkara Dam at midnight without warning. Fortunately, there was no flooding in Thiruvananthapuram during the floods of the past few days. The natives allege that the state is for life. People living on the sides of the Karamana River were not even warned. Water levels in the city have risen steadily in the two streams where the water has to flow.

About 100 houses were flooded. And a great deal of capital was sunk. Strong areas of the Aruvikkara Dam have been experiencing heavy rains since early evening. By midnight, the rain was widespread. To avoid overflowing of the Aruvikkara Dam, the Water Authority opened all the shutters at 2 am, 4 pm and 5 am.

But the water authority says it was warned in real time. There is much protest over the fall of the district administration. The people were not given any kind of warning. Police had to make a mic announcement to warn people to stay alert, but that was not the case. Due to heavy rains in the Nedumangad area, the Killiyar river started to fall. A large part of the city was completely submerged, unable to contain water from both rivers.

The only mitigating danger was that the houses on the sides of Karamana and Killiyar started flooding early in the morning. If the dam had been opened a little earlier, most of the people would have been sleeping and the houses would have been flooded and there would have been catastrophe.

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