The Cuban Revolution in Covenant Defense: 80% of the critically ill people were sick; Immunization results | World | Deshabhimani


Havana> Covid 19 Cuba is an important step in immunization. No new deaths have been reported in the country in a single week due to the use of two drugs developed by Cuba. President Miguel Dias Canal said 80 per cent of the critically ill patients were returning to normal.

Cuba has been used for the prevention and control of Italia sumab, a drug used since April, and an experimental drug for rheumatism. Health workers also indicated that they would consider shipping the drug to other countries after further testing.

Cuba is ahead of most other countries in the Covid test. Cuba has also been successful in preventing the spread of disease. A total of 1916 cases were reported in a country of 11 million people. Currently, only 200 are under treatment. 81 people died.

Previously, the Cuban model was to transport health workers to various countries and to provide shelter to those who were stranded at sea.

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