The coronavirus in Bulgaria: Borissov admitted that tax cuts are an absolute mistake – Bulgaria


The Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov did not rule out a complete change in the tax system in Bulgaria. His comment came during a visit with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov to the Velingrad village of Birkovo, where they inspected the construction of a new school. Asked if there was tension between the two over the decision to reduce the value added tax (VAT) on restaurants and books, Borissov said he was convinced that touching taxes was an absolute mistake, but decided to take that risk.
Borissov added that he surrounds himself with people who tell him what is wrong. He thus came to the conclusion that VAT should not have been touched in any area except for books. “That’s why we will do it by 2021, and if I’m right, I’ll laugh at him,” the prime minister added, looking at the finance minister.

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