The coronavirus did not come from the market in Wuhan, according to a Chinese health official ::


Photo: Stringer / Bloomberg

According to new research, coronavirus Covid-19 did not originate from the seafood market in Wuhan, as many scientists believe, a senior Chinese health official said, quoted by Reuters.

However, Gao Fu, director of China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, did not comment on where the virus, which killed 350,000 people worldwide, may have come from.

He told the Beijing-controlled Global Times this week that further research did not show a link between food sold in the Wuhan market and the coronavirus.

“The new coronavirus existed long before it reached the market,” Gao said.

Covid-19 was first opened in late 2019 in Wuhan. Gao told the Global Times that he went to Wuhan to take samples in early January, but no viruses were found in the animal samples. Coronavirus has only been found in environmental samples, including sewage, he said.

A document published in January in the online medical journal The Lancet also challenges the idea that the market is where the virus originated.

The document, written by Chinese scientists, says 13 of the first 41 confirmed cases of coronavirus have no connection to the market.

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