The bombers struggle … America launches “B-1 bomber” to destroy ships in the Pacific Ocean


American forces are working on plans to make the “B-1” strategic grenade launcher the new face of US military power in the Pacific.

This bomber is about to embark on a mission to impose the authority of the US military in the Pacific, according to the website, “”.

                    Photo / U.S. Navy / Matt Brown

Sources reveal: The American army will lose any battle with China in the Pacific Ocean

“The nice thing about the B-1 is that it can carry a long-range anti-ship missile, and it is perfectly suitable for the Pacific theater,” said Major General Jim Dawkins Jr., commander of the Eighth Air Force.

“We are not only reassigning the ability rates for the plane’s mission and the training that has been conducted for the plane, but also reset how the plane will be used to gain more strong competition for power to align with the national defense strategy,” Dawkins added.

The aircraft has three internal weapons slots and six external hard points below the fuselage, the maximum internal weapons payload is 34,090 tons and the maximum external weapons load is 26,818 tons.

The B-1 launcher also contains the AGM-158C missiles, which are integrated marine missiles capable of independently locating and tracking targets while avoiding friendly forces.

A single B-1 aircraft can carry up to 24 AGM-158C missiles or the same number of JASSM-ER missiles.

Dawkins explained that the vast areas of the Pacific Ocean are well suited for training using these types of missiles.

The low radar cross-section, variable engineering wings, modern avionics, and post-combustion engines allow the P-1 to deliver precise stroke of targets as well as long maneuverability and high speed.

The aircraft is operated by a crew of four: a pilot, co-pilot, defensive systems operator (DSO) and attack systems operator (OSO).

American warships in the South China Sea

                    AP Photo / U.S. Navy / Petty Officer 2nd Class Will Gaskill

“B1” bombers and ships … American military messages to China in its southern sea

The Air Force proved that it can develop Lancer to carry more ammunition, which is a first step towards carrying hypersonic weapons.

In turn, Beijing is preparing to unveil its strategic launcher, the new generation “H-20”, which is ready for delivery under the current complicated relations between the United States and China, especially after the coronary virus pandemic.

Sources said that the new H-20 bomber could appear for the first time publicly at the Zhuhai Airshow in November this year, 5 years earlier than expected.

According to the site “National Interest”, the appearance of the bomber in the air show this year could increase tensions through a direct threat to countries within the range of strikes, especially Australia, Japan and the Korean peninsula.

The “H-20” is a large bomber that looks and looks similar to the American “B-2”, and will reportedly have an advanced electronics group and a combat radius that would endanger US bases in Hawaii and Australia.

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