The birth of a two-faced cat in America … video


A family from the US state of Oregon is shocked at the birth of a two-faced cat, and the family calls the kitten a biscuit and a graphic.

An American woman and her husband have published photos and video clips of a small newborn cat with a rare condition, a rare congenital disorder known as bipedal or Janus cats.

The cat owner Kelly does not have much hope that the animal will survive, but she notices that her appetite is open to food, and she moves unobstructed in her body.

The cat has a vman, and is able to breastfeed through one mouth while issuing a meow from the other at the same time. This has caused some problems while feeding the animal.

Kelly expressed her desire to take care of and raise the cat and even offered users to the family to adopt the kitten.

It is noteworthy that cats with this disorder usually live only a week after birth at most due to defects, but there is a cat that has this disorder and has lived for 15 years.

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