The Bible pilgrimage to Syro Malankara Youth in the UK has begun


The youth movement of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church in the UK is determined to awaken their spiritual growth in spite of the life-threatening spread of the deadly virus Bristol∙ Covid 19. They are planning a “Pilgrimage” to prepare for the feast of Pentecost.

Young people on the mission of Nottingham, Coventry, Bristol and Gloucester are behind this very different idea. .

“The Pilgrimage”, which begins at 9am on the 21st of May, will conclude on the eve of Pentecost.

Bible Pilgrimage The purpose of the Bible Pilgrimage is to recite the Bible’s end. This is accomplished by praying before the Eucharist 13 hours a day (9:00 am to 10:00 pm).

More than 100 people from the four Syro Malankara missions in the UK will join the pilgrimage online in nine days. The daily sacrificial offering, which runs from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm, will make Bible pilgrimage even more spectacular. You can join the Bible Pilgrimage in real time through the YouTube Pilgrimage YouTube channel.

During these nine days, young people have decided to hold a special intercessory prayer for the whole world. MCYM Officers of the Syro-Malankara Missions Albin Mathew, Jiz Maria Tito, Jaime Michael, Jarom Mathew, Vivian Johnson, Daniel Milton, Jewel Jose, Joby Jose, Ansi Manu and Manosh John.

The Syro Malankara Sabha Youth Commission Chairman Bishop Dr. Vincent Mar Paul inaugurates Bible Pilgrimage In his inaugural address, he reminded us that the divine mercy and the Word of God is our hope and refuge as the world goes through spiritual and physical crises.

UK Syro Malankara Church Coordinator Fr. Thomas Madikummuttutil, Director, MCYM, UK Ranjith Madathirambil congratulated them. MCYM office bearers Jofi Thomas Jiji, Johan Manosh, Mia Manu George, Ruben Reiji and Helen Pradeep also spoke. The chaplain of these four missions was Fr. This project has the patronage and support of Matthew Neriyatil.

The church leadership said it was commendable that the efforts of young people to uphold the spiritual heritage they inherited while living in a UK-based culture with faith challenges were commendable. The Pilgrimage is conducted with the blessings of Cardinal Mar Baselios Cleemis Bawa, the Archbishop of Ciro Malankara and the Apostolic Visitor Bishop Mar Theodosius.

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