The American flag would be hoisted for three days in honor of those who died of Kovid


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump today said he would lower the American flag in half as a mark of respect for citizens who have died of cowardice.

The process is for three days. He has suggested that the American flag hoisted in all government institutions should be halved for the next three days.

Next Monday is a day of remembrance for the soldiers who served and died for the United States. It is also a holiday for the country. Trump’s call is to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Kovid fight.

The decision comes at a time when the number of deaths due to disease in the US is one in one million. There are currently 94,702 deaths in the United States.

Covid has been the most affected person in the world. It is estimated to cost over 15 lakhs.

The US has made such a decision as the number of people living with Covidi in the world is increasing day by day.

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