That’s what my mother said; Why’s Raju, sleep well …


Kochi: When Mallika Sukumaran, mother of Prithviraj, came to the shade of her homeland from the desert of Lockdown concerns, she had only one thing to say:

Prithviraj called her mother from a hotel in Quarantine after returning from Jordan. When he heard his voice, he felt the joy and relief he had never felt. He was in great exhaustion because his sleep was not good. Eat breakfast and tell him to sleep well. Only after getting up, what else is there?

The biggest worry is missing Dada. Last week she called me and showed me her board My Father Is Coming. I asked her what this was. She replied that it was her father’s turn. We still have 14 days to wait. Not at all. If you can forgive the wave, then don’t forgive the six …

Mallika, meanwhile, is recovering from another predicament. Mallika’s house was submerged when heavy rains flooded the populated areas of Thiruvananthapuram, Thirumalai and Kundamankadavu. They had to be moved to a safe place in the fiber boat of the fire brigade. The actress moved to her brother’s house in Jawaharnagar.

In the floods of 2018, the house where Mallika was staying was flooded. The local people then moved them to a safe place.

Content Highlights: Prithviraj Sukumaran return from Jordan, Aadujeevitham, Mallika

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