That’s enough! The army community does not deserve this!


Nikola Gazdov, a member of the Board of Directors of the newcomer to the efbet League CSKA 1948, wrote an address on Facebook. He did so a few hours after CSKA general manager Stoycho Stoilov, who attacked the club, sponsored by Tsvetomir Naydenov.

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Gazdov’s publication:

“Four years of promises. Four years of scenes. Four years of” Divide and rule “. The constant scandals are the most significant achievement of the colleagues from Lovech, after their transfer to Sofia. And we all expected to report with a trophy here …

That’s enough! The army community does not deserve this! What is the benefit of injecting tension between friends? None! Who benefits from imaginary conflicts and attempts at division? Nobody! On the contrary – we all lose. He loses the “dash”, he loses the “number”, the honest supporters of CSKA lose. The army wants beautiful football, victories and titles – they do not care who pretends to be a director and what excuses he has invented after another failure.

Let’s be completely clear! We have not come to terms with the fact that CSKA was intentionally bankrupt. But we respect the right of every Army man to recognize and support the club that was officially housed in the “Army”. This choice was made under extreme conditions and probably seemed to many to be the only possible one, given the alternative. Because for CSKA in 2016 the choice was presented as “this or death”. Ironically, today a similar “choice” must be made by colleagues from Poduyane. It seems that the known unknown is still more acceptable than the unknown unknown.

We founded CSKA 1948 in the summer of 2016, after it became clear that CSKA went bankrupt. Not to look for a confrontation with the Army, which swallowed the scheme with the renaming of Litex. And to differentiate ourselves from those who forcibly bankrupt CSKA, because “there was no other way.” We believed there was another way. Very difficult, very uncertain, but still there. With deprivation and hard work we managed to walk the path from the district groups to the elite. From the autumn we will play for the masters, where we will try to continue our development. We do not promise titles and cups. Not yet. But we promise athletic behavior and respect – to all Army members, as well as to other clubs and their supporters. ”

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